Your mindset is the view you have of your own qualities and characteristics. There are 2 distinct mindsets, fixed and growth, and it’s possible to have a little of both.  The mindset in which you possess will set you up for a lifetime of success and learning, or a lifetime of mediocrity and stagnation.  So which mindset will give us the most out of our lives?

Let’s break down these two very different mindsets so we can better understand what they have to offer us.

  • Fixed – You believe that your qualities are unchangeable. You are born with characteristics like intelligence, personality, and creativity. Whatever you have you are stuck with. So, if you’re bad at math you’ll never be good at math. If you’re a bad painter, you will never be a good painter. Sucks to suck, right?
  • Growth – You Believe that your qualities can be improved through effort. Yes, people vary greatly in aptitude and interests, but with experience and applying themselves they can gain new skills, turn weaknesses into strengths, and be whoever they work to become. Sounds awesome. Sign me up!

Looking at the two types of mindsets, it’s obvious which one we want to foster. GROWTH.

So how do we get a growth mindset?  It takes a long time to master, but here are the basic principles:

  1. Be optimistic!
  2. When faced with a challenge – Embrace it. Look at the challenge as a way to learn and get better.
  3. When obstacles arise – be persistent even when faced with setbacks.  This is where others will quit but you will not.
  4. View the effort you put in as a path towards mastery.
  5. When given criticism – Learn from it instead of ignoring it.
  6. When others succeed – Learn from them and use their success as inspiration.

Following these principles will lead you to greater accomplishments and a higher sense of free will. The next time you are struggling with something new in or outside of the gym; stay positive, put in effort, and learn from it. Your future will thank you for it.

If you have questions on your mindset and how it can improve your life ask a coach or read “Mindset” by Carol Dweck.

See You In Class,