Golden Goose CrossFit – it’s not just a gym, it’s a lifestyle

Whether you are an experienced athlete looking to take your fitness to the next level, or simply someone looking to add exercise into their routine to increase their overall health and wellness, Golden Goose CrossFit is the perfect fit for you. Ranked the fittest CrossFit gym in CT in 2022, Golden Goose CrossFit’s certified coaches go above and beyond to provide each client with exceptional service to achieve their health and fitness goals. When you join Golden Goose CrossFit, you’ll gain access to our fully equipped Rogue Fitness facility, the endless knowledge from our well-experienced coaching staff, and a culture rooted in our member’s strong desire to become the best version of themselves. Come in today to see for yourself why joining Golden Goose will be the best decision you’ll make all year.

Kyle Baughman

Owner | Head Coach | CF L2 Coach

Kyle found CrossFit in 2015 and was instantly hooked. In 2018 he left his engineering job and opened Golden Goose CrossFit with one goal in mind, better the lives of as many people as possible through CrossFit. Kyle programs each workout for our members with their overall fitness in mind. He strives for them to be 1% better when they leave class each day.

Kyle is a prime example of leading from the front. In 2022 he qualified for and attended the CrossFit Semifinals (Granite Games).

Are you ready for a change?